Unwanted Hair

Every hair on the body goes through three stages of growth-the growth phase, the dormant phase and the fall-out phase.

Doctors and medical science agree that the only time a hair can be permanently disabled is when the hair is in the growth stage. Since hair enters its growth phase at different times, multiple treatments are necessary to disable these hairs.

Recent studies have shown that typically five to eight treatments are necessary to destroy most of the hair in any given area, but patients can see results after a few treatments as their hair tends to become thinner and lighter even after two or three treatments.

Laser hair removal is ideal for patients with dark hair and light skin, although nearly anyone with unwanted facial or body hair can benefit from this procedure. This procedure can be performed on the lip, chin, neck, back, arms, legs, bikini area and more.


Medi Radiant team of professionals use the safest and most innovative technology customized for each client’s needs.

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