M22 Lumenis Photofractional

IPL Rejuvenation in Markham

Lumenis® M22 OPT PHOTO REJUVENATION is a series of gentle treatments that will gradually improve the texture of your skin, decrease redness and broken capillaries and also lighten dark spots on your skin. You may also notice that your pores may appear tighter and some fine lines may dissipate.

Males or females with broken capillaries, a flushed appearance, brown spots, enlarged pores, mild wrinkling, rosacea, freckles and hyperpigmentation even acne problem are great candidates to receive the Lumenis® M22 OPT PHOTO REJUVENATION. The face, chest, neck, upper back, forearms and hands are the most common areas.

Lumenis® M22 OPT Pulse Light Technology from 420 nm to 1200 nm light pulses into the skin. The colours in the light are attracted to the browns, reds and deeper collagen tissue. The heat generated from the light targets and vaporizes the browns, coagulates the reds and heats the collagen. The body’s healing mechanisms take over and slough the browns, absorb the reds and thicken the collagen.

These sessions are designed to provide no down time. Your face may appear flushed it usually fades within a few hours. Clients with pigment may notice their browns appear darker after the treatment. This darkness takes on a “dirty look” until it flakes off in 7-10 days. Makeup can be used right after so you can return to work immediately. Sometimes a client can develop “purpura” or a bruise on the face. It does not hurt and will fade in about ten days. This bruising can be covered with makeup. If you have a lot of colour, browns or reds on cheeks and around eyes you may develop some slight swelling for a few days while the skin is healing.

M22 Lumenis IPL in Markham M22 Lumenis IPL in MarkhamM22 Lumenis IPL in Markham IPL Rejuvenation in MarkhamIPL Rejuvenation in Markham7
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